Monday, November 3, 2014

Teaching Children In Africa How To Photograph Their Lives As They See It

To update you re progress with the Children In Africa Need Your Support project.

I am in Africa making connections and having meetings with several people and organisations that are getting involved.

I will be having more meetings week after next and making plans for my teaching children how to take pictures project which will be featured on an ongoing blog also the images taken by the children plus my own images will be sold during exhibitions and published in books from which the proceeds will be used to build schools that will offer classes in photography that will be free to the communities .  

I am also in talks with organisations that will be helping me to produce celebrity and musicians portraits that will be published in a book and exhibited to raise more funding for this project.

The funds raised will be used to build an educational centre specialising in the personal growth of children (through photography and the arts) whom other wise would not have any opportunities.

I am hoping to make this centre a place where every child on the program will get training in both the arts and photography along with a square meal every day. The images and art created by the children will be sold at auction to raise funds to support the centre.

I will also be offering photography courses to photographers in  Africa to help raise funding to operate this project.  

More Info:  

For every booking of a course there will be £30 added to the fund..

If your interested in hearing more about this project please email me at

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The little girl image I took whilst on a recce in Kenya,  it was the lasting impression that seeing how this little girl and her family and community were living that started my campaigning in support of children in Africa.

In order to achieve our objectives we need support from many sectors from individuals to corporate organisations.

Support comes in many ways from direct hands on aid, support by raising funds, support by donations, support by being conscious. Consciousness instigates actions, actions change lives.

If ONE in a MILLION people living on this earth acted to help stop some of the world issues there would be SIX MILLION people supporting these issues. ONE in a MILLION is not much to ask for. Are you a ONE in a MILLION person, if so please act by liking, sharing, or get invilved and help spread the word.

Types Of Help And Sponsorship Needed:
Web designers/host to publish and run blog and website
Graphic Artists to do artwork
Art Directors to design the book
Publishers to help publish the book
Digital Printers to print exhibition prints

Framers to frame archive exhibition prints
Travel/Hotel Companies to provide accommodation and travel for the project
Connections to NGOs doing hands on work in Africa, I have several that I am in talks with.

If you wish to sponsor this cause please email me at with I wish to sponsor CIANYS in the subject box.

So if you have thought the same as me. !! I am too small to make a difference !! You are very wrong because you can. :-)

I need to raise £1,000,000 in donations by the end of 2014.

So I need your help to achieve this.

You can donate as little as £1 or as much as you feel or you can get involved directly

If you wish to help with a donation please click the donate through paypal button to the right.

To those who wish to get involved get back to me at b.s@mac.comm skype me at brucesmithphoto or call me on +447904485253 after 19th Nov when I return to UK

Thank You Bruce Smith

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